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Monday, August 6, 2012

Canon Medium Format and Big Megapixel cameras coming soon?

With the coming of the Photokina Show in Cologne, Germany next month, the talk of Canon introducing a medium format camera plus a big megapixel model to replace the EOS-1 Ds MK III is heating up again.

There is nothing new about this speculation, ever since Nikon has eclipsed Canon in the megapixel arms race with their D800 camera and Hasssebled introduced their H system cameras a while back. However, there are some formidable challenges to Canon in introducing a medium format camera. Their current EF line of lenses, which is their crown jewel, will not fit properly on a medium format sensor and any redesign may involve unacceptable compromises.  Most probably, a big megapixel camera will be announced just before the Photokina Show. With the advancement of sensor technology, a big megapixel sensor is of limited use, in my opinion, but Canon has to to cognizant of how sexy a BIG megapixel claim has on the general public when it comes to sales and marketing gimmickry. My guess is they will introduce the new camera under the banner of the EOS-5D body instead of the EOS-1D series and the sales price will be aggressive.

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