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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This Lens Safe Gadget May Make Theft A Bit Harder

The Wildlife Ho-tographer's first photo tour of 2017. We will drink to that. 

I am back home after a rather successful East Africa Wildlife Photo Tour. It will take me a little time to get back in my daily routine and updating my readers on the latest Canon rumors, and photography news in general.

This was my first photo safari of 2017 and this will be another busy season for me. The equipment I brought with me worked well. I used the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, EOS-5Ds cameras, EF 400mm f/4 DO IS IIEF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II lens. You can follow my travels on Facebook and Twitter. See my equipment bag and works on

Theft is a fact of life in our modern world and it is no different in the photography business. Last year's theft and robbery cases of photographers during the 2016 Summer Olympics made the news. In all my years of traveling and wildlife photography, I have never experienced any theft or loss. Equipment malfunction is a bigger threat to me when I am on the road globe trotting. However, I am also a very careful wildlife photographer and meticulous planner and take little risk.

Photographer Rutger Geerling and his friend Mark have embarked on designing a gadget to make it harder for thiefs to remove the lens off a camera body by pressing on the release button, while the photographer is busy taking photos or otherwise engaged. The current prototype is available for Canon EF mount only.

The design is dubbed the "Lens Safe". It involves an inexpensive 3D printed ring that mounts between the body and the lens and makes it 'impossible' to remove the lens with just one hand.  Of course this defeats the purpose of the original design to make it easy for the photographer to change lens with minimal effort.

Available for free download as a 3MB ZIP file, the current deisgn can be made with minimal cost on a 3D printer. The trick is having access to a 3D printer or find some place to have it printed out for you.

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