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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Adobe Solicits Ideas On How To Speed Up Lightroom

Adobe Photo Product Manager Tom Hogarty posted on the Lightroom Journal about the lackluster performance of Lightroom, especially its glacial speed.

"I would like to address concerns recently voiced by our community of customers around Lightroom performance, as improving performance is our current top priority. We have a history, starting with our first public beta, of working with our customers to address workflow and feature needs, and we’d like to take that same approach regarding your performance concerns. 

We already understand many of the current pain points around GPU, import performance, certain editing tasks and review workflows and are investing heavily in improving those areas."

Adobe is soliciting ideas and opinions on what users think and what they would like Lightroom to be faster at.

"Over the past year we’ve added numerous enhancements to address your performance concerns but we understand we will have a lot of work to do to meet your expectations." 

"If you have feedback or would like to work with the Lightroom team on your most pressing issues, please fill out this survey."

In the above survey, Adobe is collecting usage and performance information, and soliciting three specific performance issues users have.

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