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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Canon confirms EOS-1D X Mark III will be its last flagship DSLR camera

In an interview with Yomiuri Shimbun, Canon’s Chairman and CEO Fujio Mitarai stated the EOS-1D X Mark III will be Canon’s last flagship DSLR. Mitarai confirmed Canon will end the development and production of its DSLR cameras, including the flagships, by transforming manufacturing to produce mirrorless systems only. 

“It is natural that mirrorless cameras will become the mainstream of digital cameras… The market needs are acceleratingly shifting to mirrorless cameras. In line with this, we are steadily shifting manufacturing” Mitarai stated (Google translated). According to Mitarai, Canon will end the development and production of the flagship model of the digital SLR cameras a few years from now, stating “Canon’s SLR flagship model is known as the “EOS-1” series, the first of which appeared in 1989. The latest model EOS-1D X Mark III released in 2020 will be the last model in fact”.

Currently, there’re three models that are considered flagships in the mirrorless world : Nikon Z9, Sony Alpha 1, and Canon R3. However, in Canon’s space, the R3 is not defined as a flagship. The EOS R3 has been developed in the shadow of the venerable EOS-1D X Mark III. In fact, the R3 is the hybridization of the R5 and the 1D X. However, Canon has confirmed in interviews that the R3 is not the flagship, but the EOS 1DX Mark III is Canon’s diamond.

Canon said that the EOS-1D X Mark III is Canon’s most successful camera to date. Indeed, in terms of reliability, robustness, and quality, the 1D X Mark III never fails to deliver.  Nevertheless, due to the rise of mirrorless systems and the elevated market share and demand for mirrorless cameras, Canon admits it’s time to move on and terminate its DSLR camera system.

I have taken delivery of the EOS R3 camera and the RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1 L IS USM lens. In the next few months, yours truly will be putting this combo through some real world photos shoots and test in order to write a review on them. Stay tune and keep checking back. You can follow my travels on FacebookTwitterInstagram and this blog. 

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