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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Canon has started field testing the EOS-1D X Mark III camera

Just back from my wildlife photography tour of India. You can follow my travels on FacebookTwitterInstagram and see my equipment bag and works on

There is no secret a successor to the venerable Canon EOS-1D X Mark II camera is coming in 2019. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is the perfect event to highlight Canon's dominance in Mirrorless and high end DSLR cameras.

With the recent announcement of the Series III version of their Super Telephoto lenses, Canon's job is only half done. The majority of pro sports and wildlife photography in the world are done with the EOS-1D and Super Telephoto lens combo. There is also talk from Canon about eventually releasing a full frame, mirrorless version of an EOS-1D camera. I may be quite interested in such a body for my work since the EOS-R and EOS-RP cameras will not find a place in my equipment bag

The EOS-1 line of cameras has been my equipment of choice since 1989 and the current EOS-1D X Mark II body is my workhorse since its introduction in February 2016. Although the Mark II is a very capable camera, I like to see the following incremental improvement in the Mark III :

  • A new sensor with mid 20MP rating
  • Maintain 12 - 14 fps without mirror lockup or Live View
  • First in class high ISO performance
  • First in class 4K video performance
  • New AF system with around 100 AF points. More dual cross-type and cross-type points
  • New LCD monitor with 3.0 million dots 
  • Built in WiFi (Not for myself. For photo journalists meeting their deadlines) 

I expect the new camera to be announced some time in late Q4 of 2019 or before the CP+ Show in February 2020 and before the release of the pro EOS R model. Please bookmark this site and check back for the latest news and development.

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