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Monday, September 10, 2012

Canon new EOS-1 megapixel camera

It appears Canon may announce the development of a new, megapixel EOS-1 professional camera soon. It is rumored to have a sensor of over 40 mp. Perhaps this is the long awaited 'successor' to the venerable EOS-1Ds Mk III. If true, this will definitely generate a lot of excitement at the Photokina Show in Germany next week.

I have taken delivery of the EOS-1D X over a month ago and am quite pleased with its performance. Can you imagine another EOS-1 D camera with the same performance as the 1D X but with a megapixel sensor and a trade off with a lower burst rate of perhaps 5 to 6 fps?  I will take that any day as a replacement for the 1Ds MK III. Take a look at my review of the EOS-1D X camera here.

Canon's announcement of the EF 200-400mm  f/4 + 1.4X extender lens was over one year ago and gave them tremendous coverage and attention.  I am still waiting for that lens to be official released. It should not be too long now.

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