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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Canon Rebates for buying DSLR with Pixma Printer

One of the cameras qualifying for the rebates

As my readers know, my Blog and website do not take advertisement or endorse any particular camera retailer in order to remain completely objective. Once in a while, I come across a great deal and let my readers know about it. The Canon Summer Rebate ended on September 1, 2012, but there is an even better deal going on for those who have always wanted a good to excellent DSLR and a quality printer to go with it.

Canon is giving a rebate of $400 to $500 if one buys a DSLR and a Pixma Pro printer at the same time. This program ends on September 30, 2012. There are a few camera merchants participating in this program. I have provided the link to the Amazon website only because this is one of the most well known retailers in the world and my endorsement does not come with it. The objective is to let the readers understand the terms of the rebate in a PDF document.

Click here to see the equipment with the $400 rebate.
Click here to see the equipment with the $500 rebate. 

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