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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Canon EOS-M Firmware Version 2.0 In Action

Canon is expected to release a Firmware update, Version 2.0 for their 'struggling' EOS-M camera, which is plagued by its notoriously slow AF speed. See my earlier post on this topic. The above videos show the AF speed difference with the current and new firmware. The lens used for the test were the EF 18-55mm and EF 22mm. 

Although the Canon EOS-M is selling quite well in Asia, especially in Japan, it is not up to expectations for Canon elsewhere around the globe. Let us see if this new Firmware 2.0, expected to be released on June 27, 2013, will change the perception of EOS-M camera line in the rest of the world. The Firmware 2.0 is available in Korea already. Click on the Canon Korea website to see videos produced by the latest software.

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