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Friday, June 21, 2013

How a Stunning Aurora Video Was Made

Auroras result from charged particles that are flung off the sun‘s surface during solar storms known as coronal mass ejections. When the particles collide with Earth’s atmosphere, they cause geomagnetic storms that trigger the neon-colored auroras.

Over the past year, Possberg and her husband, Claus Possberg, have traveled four times to the Scandinavian Arctic to photograph the phenomena, which appear as stunning light shows in many northern countries, especially during dark winters.

Claus is a radiologist who is also an avid traveler and photographer, and Anna is a full-time professional filmmaker. The Arctic Lightscape project, which the couple funds independently, resulted in a time-lapse video: a series of still photographs stitched together into a video format and published on Vimeo last week. You can read the Nat Geo article here.

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