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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Wildlife Photography - Polar Bear Photo Tour, Day Two

Arrived in the Canadian sub Arctic. I had very little sleep and must catch a bit of shut eye soon before it begins to wear on me. In the last leg of my journey, the aircraft I took is the Boeing 737 Combi. The front half of the plane is devoted to cargo while the rear half is for passengers. This type of plane is used in rural Canada and SE Alaska because there are few or no roads and flying in supplies and equipment is the 'easiest' way to replenish depleted inventory, machinery and goods.

The weather is not too cold, just hovering around freezing but there are periods of heavy drifting snow and visibility is bad. I expect the temperature to drop soon but for now, the weather is not cold enough for the sea ice to form, Polar bears will hang around the shore line waiting impatiently and try and find any seal that may be in the area. The older bears and mother with cubs are generally resting while the younger ones are sparing with one another for a friendly match to pass the time.

Dueling Canines on the Canadian Tundra

Click here to see Polar bear photos from my previous tours. You can follow my travels on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram and see my works on I will be providing updates on the tour as time and condition permit.

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