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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

First Impression of Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Camera

Canon announced the EOS-1D X Mark II camera on February 1. Mine came yesterday but I have little time to get used to it since my photo shoot to the Amazon is just round the corner and there is so much to do to get ready for my trip.

My readers know I have picked the EOS-1D X as the best DSLR for sports and wildlife photography four years in a row. I expect the Mark II to do even better. As you can see, the two cameras are remarkably similar in appearance. The Mark II is slightly taller, in order to accommodate the GPS unit on top. Those who are accustomed to the EOS-1D X, EOS-1D Mark III and IV will feel right at home. The ergonomics are practically identical. The feature I like a lot is the added Start/Stop video button on the back of the camera.

Click here to see the major differences between Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and Nikon D5. I will write a comprehensive review after testing it on a few upcoming wildlife photo tours. You can see my equipment bag and works on

There are a number of features on the new camera I want to give a vigorous field test on, under the low light conditions of the Amazonian jungle :

  • AF sensitivity down to EV -3
  • Dual Pixel CMOS enables continuous AF when shooting stills and 4K videos 
  • 14-16 fps burst rate capable of handling 170 full resolution RAW files 
  • DIGIC 6 powered dedicated metering system
  • Expanded ISO range and built-in AD converter. Anything >6400 is too noisy anyway
  • AF system with 61 points, 41 cross-type, 5 dual-type plus all AF points usable @ f/8

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and EOS-1D X cameras

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II (Left) and EOS-1D X cameras

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