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Monday, November 13, 2017

Bokeh Market Tracks The Market Value Of Used Camera Gear

How much is my camera equipment worth now?

Bokeh Market is a new website that enables users to determine the current market value of a used camera or lens. They claim the information is real-time value of used equipment.

Users enter their requests into a Search Bar, much like all other search engines. The results will be displayed in a Product Page. It will feature the products specs, a price chart for trusted and individual sellers, plus listings for the product's price as listed in popular sites like Amazon, eBay, Adorama, B&H, Fred Miranda, etc.

Registered Users get more functionality, like price alerts and current value of one's camera equipment inventory or future purchases. The site wants to be the Kelley Blue Book of photographic equipment gear. The service is free but the website has affiliate links and any purchases through Bokeh Market generates commission for the company.

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