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Monday, November 13, 2017

Ultra High Speed Cameras Can Photograph Up to 25,000,000 FPS

Tracking and panning a camera to video a speeding bullet or flying tank shell seems impossible given the projectile can travel at almost 5,000 feet a second. Below is a video from Curious Droid that explains how ultra high speed cameras work.

The secret behind the system is based on mirrors. Mechanical systems moves a mirror at the same speed as the projectile. The angle of reflection allows the camera to film the shell at high speed.

Systems like this have been used for many years to film incredibly short-lived events, such as the first moments of a nuclear explosion.

This revolutionary C4 camera system was developed in the UK by British scientists after World War II. It consisted of a rotating mirror weighing over two tons. It held the speed record at the time of photographing 7,000,000 frames a second.

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