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Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Canon EOS-1S camera?

The new Canon EOS-1S megapixel camera?

Ever since Canon discontinued the EOS-1Ds MK III camera and after the introduction of the Nikon D800, rumors and speculations have been flying around about Canon working on a replacement to its venerable 1Ds line of cameras.  All indications are the new camera will have be a megapixel sensor, perhaps over 40 MP.

There is also ample speculation about the new designation. In line with the latest naming convention, Canon may call the new camera EOS-1S. It is supposed to start a new path for megapixel sensor technology for the next few years and have superior high ISO performance. This is hard to fathom since the EOS-1D X camera already has probably the best high ISO performance right now, in my opinion.  Take a look at my  Blog post here on that subject.

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