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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Canon EOS-5D MK III body for $2,899


The Canon EOS-5D MK III camera is selling for $2,899 on eBay.  This is an excellent deal and in my opinion, the best camera value in full frame DSLR today. I paid $8,000 over four years ago for a new Canon EOS-1Ds MK III camera and now this EOS-5D MK III can do everything the 1Ds does and much more.

Take a look at my previous Blog post comparing the two cameras. Looks like Canon is paving the way for the announcement of the development of its megapixel camera. The EOS-5D MK II's inventory is almost depleted and was listed at $1,549 on eBay. Now the MK III will be going fast as well with this great price.

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