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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Canon EOS-7D Magic Lantern Alpha available


The Magic Lantern team has done it again and came out with a Alpha version of the software for the Canon EOS-7D camera.

Here's what the ML team said, " It was primarily tested on one 7D, and a few days on three other 7Ds. During those tests we took 1000 photos and gigabytes of videos. There were no crashes or strange behaviors during our tests. This release will not alter any data in your camera’s permanent memory. This release will not directly alter any so-called "properties" (persistent camera settings). This means, some functions like HDR photos, HDR videos, bulb ramping etc will not work yet. It is not a firmware upgrade, despite the camera saying "Firmware update program". We have disabled all features that are not yet working perfectly. Please don’t beg for adding feature XYZ, it will be added as soon as it works without issues."

You can go to the Magic Lantern site and download the software and play with it to decide for yourself.


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