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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wildlife Photography - A Passage To India

* * * Back from my photo shoot. Read my Reflections On India post here * * *

I am off to India for a photo shoot. Will be visiting a few Tiger reserves and doing some travel photography as well. In some of the national parks, I will be on the backs of Indian elephants looking for tigers. This adds another level of experience to an already exciting safari journey. 

Bengal tiger in Kahna National Park, India

Bengal tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park, India

Looking forward to finding out more about how these magnificent animals are fighting to avoid the relentless slaughter from poachers and smugglers with the help of the National Tiger Conservation Authority. I will be unable to keep in touch because there are no Internet access in the jungles and countryside. Have to wait till I return in late March to reconnect. In the meantime, visit my website and click on the Animals page to see photos and read stories from my previous trips. Wish me luck on my sightings and encounters. My last whale photo shoot in Maui is just average. I need a break to get some spectacular images.   


Canon User said...

Love the song and the video. Stunning tiger photography on your website. Can't wait to see more upon your return. Safe travels.

Michael Daniel Ho said...

Thanks. You can visit my website to see more photos from my trip to India. I have started to post the new pics.