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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Canon Patent - New Sensor Technology

From a translated article, Egami, the Japanese photography website reported Canon has patented a process to expand the dynamic range of the pixels in a new kind of sensor by providing the high and low pixel transmittance. Other sensor manufacturers are using ND filters to increase the sensitivity of the sensor but Canon's new patent adds an attenuation film of polysilicon between the filter and the photodiode.

There is little doubt Canon is working hard on a new kind of sensor, perhaps to go with their planned introduction of the MegaPixel camera next year.

Patent Publication No. 2014-175553

  • Published 2014.9.22
  • Filing date 2013.3.11 

Canon patent

  • Optical attenuation film is arranged by polysilicon over the photoelectric conversion portion
  • Transmittance of light depends on the optical attenuation film is its thickness, thickness varies depending on the pixel
  • Small pixel transmittance is, the opening area is small
  • RGB any of the color filter
  • Transmittance R

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