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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lens Stabilization vs. Sensor Stabilization

Sony announced their a7II camera a few days ago, boasting to be the first full frame digital camera with 5 axis image stabilization built into the sensor. The debate between image stabilization built into the lens versus the sensor is complex but can be summarized into the following :

Lens Stabilization Advantage - More effective in low light and lens with long focal lengths.
Lens Stabilization Disadvantage - Higher cost and lack of wide spread availability.

Sensor Stabilization Advantage - Lower cost. Cheaper to upgrade. Lighter lenses.
Sensor Stabilization Disadvantage - Just the opposite of Lens Stabilization's advantage.       

There is no right or wrong way to obtain Image Stabilization. Since I am a wildlife photographer and use lenses that are longer, especially the Super Telephoto prime and zoom, my preference and choice is with IS built into the lens. You can read my Canon lens recommendation and see my work on

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