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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Canon Patents Plastic/Resin DSLR Mount

The Japanese photography blog, Egami, has discovered a new Canon patent detailing a metal and plastic resin mount for DSLR cameras. The plastic component of the mount may facilitate smoother mounting and dismounting of lenses. In addition, there maybe some weight and cost reduction for lower priced cameras like the EOS Rebel line as well.

Canon has been researching into new materials for their cameras and lenses for years. The newer, higher end cameras like the EOS-1D, EOS-5D and EOS-7D Mk II and the Series II Super Telephoto lenses all have new magnesium alloy in their construction to add strength and reduce weight. A new formula with the combination of metal and plastic may be the next stage of weight reduction for future designs.

Patent Publication No. 2014-240858 (Google Translated)

  •     Published 2014.12.25
  •     Filing date 2013.6.11

Canon Patent

  •     Of bayonet mechanism mount
  •     Mounting an inner peripheral portion of the body has a concave rail surfaces of metal
  •     Mount the outer periphery of having a rail surface of the convex shape in the resin
  •     That resin rail than the metal rail, I have a narrow width and high height

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