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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Did Digital Photography Eliminate Film Cameras

Did the advent of consumer digital photography eliminate the film camera, especially in light of Eastman Kodak's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in 2012. Only a very limited number of companies still manufacture film for analog photography.

In my book and in the video below from the Financial Times, the answer is a definitive NO. The analog photography market has shrank dramatically with the successful introduction of Canon's first digital camera, the EOS-D30 in 2000, but the film photography market is making a small comeback, not unlike the vinyl record industry, after the launch of Compact Discs.

I am a wildlife photographer and although my main camera now is the EOS-1D X, I still have my old faithful, the EOS-1V film camera and my first professional camera was the EOS-1 when it came out in 1989. The film camera is alive and well for those who can still remember the good old days. We just have to pay quite a bit more now to buy high quality film.

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