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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Canon EOS-5D Mark IV Camera Update

As reported earlier, the Canon EOS-5D Mark IV camera will most probably get a mention at the NAB 2016 show coming up next month but my latest info indicates the camera is designed to really wow videographers and filmmakers (at least the ones who do not want to buy the Cinema C300 or C500 camcorders) .

The video performance is apparently designed to exceed the EOS-1D X Mark II, which already has a very good 4K video capability. I am still on mu Costa Rican photo tour. The weather is extremely humid and wet. Below are a few photos from CR. Don't have much time everyday after the shoots because I am so tired from the heat and dampness. Visit to see more of my works from previous wildlife photo shoots around the globe.  

Blue Jean Poison-Dart frog

Two-toed Sloth

Red-eyed Tree frog

Sunbittern spreading its beautiful wings

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