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Friday, June 3, 2016

Nikon D500 Camera Battery Replacement and Firmware Upgrade

Nikon announced the D500 APS-C camera in January, 2016 and only started shipping the body recently. Now there is a free battery replacement for some affected models and a firmware upgrade is available already. You can read my post on the camera's review here.

First you have to first identifies the Eligible batteries for the replacement, just look at your battery from backside and see where is written Li-ion01 or Li-ion015 and if they battery belongs to 01 version then you must replace your battery as soon as possible.

Check Before you Buy

New set out DSLR from Nikon are being supplied with the new Lithium ion 20 batteries so if you see a printed battery name is Lithium and 20 then you don’t have to replace it

Press Release

To owners of the Nikon D500 digital SLR camera

We have received reports indicating that when a fully charged, earlier generation of the Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL15 is used with the Nikon D500 digital SLR camera, the maximum number of shots possible is low (battery life is short). It was also reported that the amount of charge remaining, displayed by the D500’s Battery info option, is significantly less than that displayed by the Battery info function of other model cameras using the EN-EL15 battery.

The later version of the EN-EL15 batteries supplied with the Nikon D500 have been tested in accordance with CIPA standards, and do support the maximum number of shots possible (battery life) indicated in brochures and other documentation. However, when some EN-EL15 batteries, either purchased separately or supplied with another model of camera, are used with the D500, those batteries may not be capable of the maximum number of shots possible (battery life) indicated in D500 documentation.*

The electric discharge characteristics of the EN-EL15 rechargeable battery have been modified without changing battery capacity. If you have purchased a D500, the modified battery is included. If you have additional, EN-EL15 batteries, Nikon will replace them free of charge.

Nikon USA Support Link

In order for this offer to be fulfilled, a copy of the D500 sales receipt must be provided.


Dear customer,

According to our records you are a registered owner of a digital camera D500. With this announcement to you today to inform you that there is a firmware update available for your camera.

We recommend that you update the firmware of your camera, so you have all the latest features of your product available.

To get more information and detailed instructions for downloading the firmware and update your camera visit the Nikon Download Center.

If you have questions, contact Customer Support. Please do not reply to this email, we can not respond to this e-mail address.

We hope that you will continue to enjoy using your camera.

Best regards

Service and Support
Nikon Europe

Download the update –

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