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Friday, March 10, 2017

Canon EOS-5Ds & EOS-5Ds R Replacement Will Rival Medium Format Cameras

Canon EOS-5Ds and EOS-5Ds R 50MP DSLR cameras

I am back from my Japan Wildlife Photo Tour. It will take me a while to catch up on things while I was away and process the photos. So far behind on my editing. This is already my third tour of 2017 and I have another one coming up before the end of March. You can follow my travels on Facebook and Twitter. See my equipment bag and works on

Just a quick note to let me readers know there is a distinct possibility the Canon EOS-5Ds and EOS-5Ds R cameras' replacement will revert back to one model but this time Canon may decide to deal a big blow to the few remaining and struggling Medium Format manufacturers by putting a sensor that will pack significantly more megapixels than their current champ - 50MP EOS-5Ds.

Canon has demonstrated the 120MP and 250MP APS-H sensors at the Expo Show in 2015. They clearly have the technology to put a new sensor in a new camera that can match any medium format body on the market today. Don't expect any super mega pixel camera to come before at the earliest mid 2018. 

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