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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Canon DSLR cameras coming in 2012

As I have mentioned in my previous Blog post, Canon is embarking on a 'one or two new product a month' announcement cycle, leading up to the big Photokina Show in Cologne, Germany in September, 2012.  Since Canon is already 'behind' the other camera manufacturers in introducing mirrorless models, the speculation is there will be three to four new camera introductions coming before the end of the year.  

One of the new camera introduction will certainly be a mirrorless DSLR with possibly an APS sensor. The second new camera may be a full frame,  'entry level' 3D/5D type of DSLR body, with say 18 - 20 MP sensor, 30 - 40 point AF system and advance HD video functions, selling for about $2,000 to $2,500 to round out the low end of the full frame bodies.   The third camera may be the replacement to the highly successful EOS 7D and the fourth new camera could be the long awaited 'successor' to the full framed, EOS-1Ds MK III, with the so-called mega megapixel sensor or a sensor larger than the current full frame camera. It will not be called the EOS-1Ds camera anymore and maybe the game changer to leap frog Nikon.  I think Canon has 'killed' the 1Ds line by pricing the EOS 5D MK III camera so aggressively low and packed it with so many advanced features.

These are my speculations on what Canon may be doing but I would not be surprised if something similar like the above will happen in the next few months.  Of course, I still need to take delivery of the much delayed EOS-1D X camera body and the 200-400mm f/4 L IS extender 1.4x zoom lens. The one camera I am really looking forward to getting, in addition to the EOS-1D X, is the EOS 7D MK II, now that Canon has stopped manufacturing the Canon  EOS-1D MK IV, equipped with the APS-H sensor.  As a wildlife photographer, I like the additional reach of the cropped framed camera and try to avoid using extenders if possible.

In the meantime, visit my website to see exciting Travel and Wildlife photos taken from around the world with many Canon cameras throughout the decades. You can follow my travels on Facebook and subscribe to my Photography Blog and stay abreast of the latest news and developments.   

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