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Monday, August 19, 2013

More Talk On Canon's Medium Format Camera

More on my recent post discussing Canon's interest in Medium Format cameras and photography. They are a deliberative company and will take all the time they need to come to a consensus decision before acting. Canon's recent success with their EOS Cinema series of bodies and lenses have given them valuable experience and confidence in trying to deliver a complete Medium Format solution, i.e. ground breaking body and new type of lenses.

This is the only way Canon will announced their own branded MF camera. Unless the sales of DSLR cameras and lenses, especially the higher end models pick up with the upcoming winter quarter, there will be little movement other than feverish research and development inside their labs. Photokina 2014 is a little over one year away. This will be one event Canon may want to showcase their new MF camera but an announcement as 'revolutionary' as this for Canon may also deserve a stand alone, invitation only press event.

My own feeling is they will probably not come out with a Medium Format camera anytime soon but may go for some joint venture or partial ownership of an existing Medium Format manufacturer. All this will not happen until Canon has announced the replacement to their venerable EOS-1Ds Mk III with another EOS-1 mega pixel camera some time late this year or early next year. Keep checking back for the latest information and leaks.

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