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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Flow Chart Explains Using Images From Internet

In a perfect world, people respect, tolerate and care for each other. Property and intellectual theft do not happen. In the real world we live in, these ideals are sometimes as quaint as fairy tales. On the Internet, almost everyone assumes wrongly that everything on it is free to use as one pleases.

In fact, almost everything on the Internet has either trademark or copyright protection. When one comes across a photo, it is hard to know whether one is permitted to use it or not. Curtis Newbold created an easy-to-consult flowchart (above) explaining the terms : copyright, fair use, creative commons, and public domain.

Read his flow chart to avoid stealing other people's property and getting yourself in trouble. Copyright laws can be ambiguous sometimes, so it is crucial to double check before using someone else's images. Follow the chart and answer the questions to see if the photos you would like to use for free is permitted or not. If in doubt, ask the owner for permission or better yet, do not use the image.

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Evan said...

If you upload anything to facebook and set the privacy to public anyone can use that photo for advertising. facebook privacy says so. It it was drawn from a flowchart software which you hold the license you can keep it watermarked