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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Canon Confirms Mega Pixel DSLR Camera

Mr. Masaya Maeda - Senior Managing Director

During a wide ranging interview recently, Mr Masaya Maeda, Senior Managing Director of Canon Inc., in his own shadow boxing way, has basically confirmed the Mega Pixel camera will be coming some time in 2015. Reflecting on the down turn in sales for all the camera manufacturers in the past few years, he reiterated Canon's need to innovate and invest in research and development.

Reading the tea leaves is never easy, especially when it is Japanese tea but one gets the impression Canon, being the industry leader, will be second to none when it comes to keeping up with consumer trends and demands. Expect the mirrorless camera system to become a more important part of Canon's line up in the years ahead, and perhaps even Medium Format photography. Keep checking back for the latest news and development.

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Michael Daniel Ho said...

Some speculated the upcoming Mega Pixel camera may be a replacement to the EOS-1D X. It makes no sense to me. Read the post above and let me hear what you think. Thanks.