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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Canon EOS-150D / Rebel SL2 Camera Coming

Canon Rebel SL1 vs Rebel T5i size comparison

Canon announced the Rebel SL1 / EOS-100D camera back in May of 2014. This camera is quite a bit smaller than the EOS Rebel T5i. I am not a fan of this model. It is another example in my opinion of too many models cluttering the space of a decent model line.

Now Canon is planning to announce the Rebel SL2 / EOS-150D some time in the early part of the second half of 2015. The new camera will probably share the same 24MP sensor as the Rebel T6i and T6s cameras. In fact, many of the specs and features will probably be the same, except it will be packaged in a smaller body. 

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