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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Phase One Announces 100MP XF Medium Format Camera

Phase One 100MP XF Medium Format camera

In conjunction with Sony, Phase One announced the 100MP XF Medium Format camera.  Medium Format photography is a niche market and too many players are chasing it with little or no profit for any of them.

In the recent Canon Expo 2015, Canon showcased their 120MP APS-H and 250MP APS-H sensor technology. Sony has identified sensor manufacturing and niche cameras as their growth strategy. They have recently purchased the sensor manufacturing plants from Toshiba and is involved in all kinds of projects with car manufacturers to security companies for specialized cameras. Of course, Canon is looking at the same markets to diversify, so it will be a two horse race since they are the only two companies with the resources and technology to make this happen.   

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