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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Camera Arriving in North America Very Soon

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II full frame DSLR camera
I have just returned from a rather successful wildlife photo trip to India. Witnessed two tiger kills from beginning to end on a Spotted and Sambar Deer plus Elephants and Monkeys mating, in addition to many new bird species for me. Trying to get back to writing my blog and catching up with the latest photography and NAB 2016 news. It will take me a week or two to get back to speed and precious little time to process the photos because by then, my next tour will be here already. I have a very busy Spring and Summer touring season ahead of me. You can see my works on

My new Canon EOS-1D X Mark II camera will arrive at the end of April. The current EOS-1D X body has been my pick as the best pro DSLR for wildlife photography four years in a row. Very excited to put the new camera through my real world global photo shoots to test its performance and claims and write a comprehensive review soon.

The noticeable 'bump' on the Mark II above the viewfinder contains the built-in GPS system. It does not have WiFi on board. As a professional camera, the performance and reliability of the body must come first. Getting reliable WiFi signals through a magnesium alloy body proved to be a challenge for Canon. Wireless communication has to take second place and not too many sports or wildlife photographers I know need that 'instant' communication capability anyway.

The upcoming EOS-5D Mark IV will have both capabilities built-in. The 'bump' on the new Mark IV DSLR, containing the GPS and WiFi modules, will be made of synthetic resin material to accommodate both assemblies and ensure they work reliably.

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