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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wildlife Photography - India Photo Tour, Day 12

Still on my Indian Wildlife Photo Tour. Been on a few elephant rides photographing tigers. Getting better luck this time with sightings of the magnificent Bengal tigers and other wildlife.

Just a few quick note to let me readers know the latest photography news. As reported earlier, I still expect the Canon EOS-5D Mark IV to be announced some time before Photokina, perhaps in August. In addition, as my readers know from my previous posts, Canon is getting serious with their mirrorless camera line. The EOS-M4 will also be launched around the time of Photokina, rumored to share the same sensor as the recently announced EOS-80D plus a few new EF-M lenses, primarily faster primes and zoom glass, to round out the line.

In addition, there will be another mirrorless camera with a near professional grade performance. Once I get more info on this camera, I will let you know. Keep checking back. Here's a few more photos from my trip. Visit for more images from all my previous wildlife shoots.

Joy of Motherhood

Beautiful Tigress with 4 cubs

Solitary and stealthy Leopard

For your eyes only - Tiger Cub

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