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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wildlife Photography - Photo Safari Tour in Southern Africa, Day 9

I am still on my Southern Africa Photo Safari Tour. Left Botswana after a very nice tour and now I am in South Africa. So far the wildlife sightings are very good and the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II camera is performing like a charm.

A couple of things I like to share with my readers. Looks like Canon has finally decided to sell its CMOS camera sensors to other camera manufacturers. Sony has been doing that for years and provide sensors to Nikon for all their DSLR cameras. Also, the Canon EOS-M5 mirrorless camera with the APS-C sensor will be announced next week. This will be Canon's most advanced mirrorless camera and the features and ergonomics will be far superior to the current models. Is this what the camera looks like? Check out the link above.

A few quick photos of my tour so far. Very little time and energy to do any proper viewing and processing. I only brought along a small netbook computer. You can follow my travels on Twitter and Facebook and see more of my works on

Sunrise on the Chobe River 

Two month old Giraffe calf

Elephant crossing the Chobe River at sunset 

Two young Cheetahs descending from a termite mound

Critically endangered Black Rhino mom and adult male offspring

Young Bull Elephant trumpeting an aggressive behavior 

Plains Zebra getting a drink from a waterhole

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