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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Canon Mini Projector - Mi1, Coming Soon

Canon Marketing Japan Inc will release the "Mini Projector M-i1," which can project video without using a personal computer, Sept 7, 2017.

The company expects that the projector will be used for making a presentation outside, having a conference in open space, projecting images at a construction site, etc.

The projector can project video by reading out data stored in the embedded memory or a USB memory stick by operating the touch pad. With a built-in battery, it can be used for up to two hours, and it can be used as a mobile battery for charging a smartphone, etc.

When the projector is connected to a smartphone, tablet computer, personal computer, etc via wireless LAN or Bluetooth, video from each device can be wirelessly projected. It uses Android OS and supports various applications such as web browsers.

The main unit measures 105 x 105 x 22mm and weighs 235g. Its projection range is from 0.5m (equivalent to a 14-inch screen) to 3m (84-inch screen), and its brightness is 701lm. It uses an LED light source with a service life of about 10,000 hours. There is no manufacturer's suggested retail price, but it will be sold at ¥29,800 (approx US$273, excluding tax) at Canon Online Shop.

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