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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wildlife Photography - Whales In Baja, Mexico - Day 6

Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful and happy to do what I am doing but it's just human nature to try and top one's last best encounter with mother nature and that's not easy to do, thereby setting oneself up for disappointment. One must temper one's expectations and take things as they come.

Mexico is a relatively 'young' country by comparison to some Asian or European nations' history but it has a rich Mayan heritage and culture spanning thousands of years. The richest person in the world is a Mexican by the name of Mr. Carlos Slim. He has surpassed Bill Gates a few years ago as reported by informed sources. In all fairness to Mr. Gates, he has given away billions of dollars to charity already but is not contemplating renouncing his remaining wealth and joining the Order of Franciscan monks in Asisi, Italy.

The country of Mexico has not been involved in whaling in its history and has passed laws to protect whales since the 1960s. The United States passed legislation in the 1970s to stop large scale whaling but a small number of whales are still being killed for reasons deemed legitimate and necessary.

Came across this Humpback mother, calf and escort. The escort is a male who accompanies the mother in the furloin hopes of mating with her. The calf is perhaps only about a month old and seems to be exploring its body parts. I watched it playing with its flippers, then its tail and the little guy got tired already. But it put on a good show for me before it was all over. Looks like I am destined not to see any breachings on this trip. As you can see from the photos on my website, I have no right to expect to see any more breachings after I have caught so many of them already.

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