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Friday, January 18, 2013

Wildlife Photography - Whales In Baja, Mexico - Day 7

A Tail Of Two Cities

Film crew and photographers working for production companies and magazines have a budget to work with. They can charter vehicles and boats, stay out much longer to get the proper shots without having to compete for space with other people to get the right angles for that spectacular photo or film clip.

Once in a while, I will charter my own vehicle or boat if the situation calls for it but in order to cut down on expenses, I generally go with commercial wildlife touring companies catering to the public. I pick these companies carefully for their professionalism and integrity. Most of the time, it works out well but once in a great while, one comes across a self-centered moron, bent on taking a 'great' photo with a point-n-shoot camera and blocking everybody else's view in the process. I met one of these rare individuals on this trip.

When I was in the Canadian tundra a couple of months ago, we were traveling in a small bus one day. Suddenly, we spotted a Polar bear mother and two cubs far off the road. The bus came to a quick stop but the bears saw the bus, paused and gave us a momentary look, before deciding to make a run for it. The only open window available to me was about a 6 x 9 inch opening. The guy sitting there already had his video camera pointing through the opening and shooting. He saw me grabbing my camera equipment and graciously let me have the window, saying if he can't get a good shot of the situation, at least one of us will get it. Such courtesy is greatly appreciated. Thanks, David.

The human eye is the best camera and the human mind is the fastest and most vivid memory card one can own. There are many times I do not try and chase a photo when it's futile to do so and just let my eyes and brain do the recording.

I photographed this Humpback in Cabo San Lucas. It looks very familair to me because of its all white fluke and I am almost positive we have met each other in Laihana, Hawaii before. When I return home, I will check my photo library to confirm it.

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