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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Canon EOS-7D Mark II Camera For $1099

Canon EOS-7D Mark II camera with EF 50mm f/1.4 lens

There is a top-rated merchant on eBay selling the Canon EOS-7D Mark II camera for $1,099 including free shipping. The list price in the USA is $1,799. If you are interested in buying one, don't delay too much longer. My readers know I have picked its predecessor and now this camera to be the best APS-C body for wildlife photography four years in a row.

I have taken this camera all around the globe on photo shoots, from the high Arctic to the Southern Ocean. Read my comprehensive review of the camera and learn the tips and tricks on how to master this best value DSLR camera. See how this camera compares to the Nikon D7100.

You will not find a link to this eBay item because I do not accept any advertisement or commissioned link on my Blog or website. I am completely unbiased in my recommendation and have no conflict of interest. You can find the listing on eBay easily yourself.

Last week, I returned from my South Africa Wildlife Photo Tour. It was quite a successful trip and there are many close encounters with the Big Five plus other animals and birds. The Canon EOS-7D Mark II performed flawlessly in an extremely hot and dusty environment. I have been posting some new pics on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and will add new photos to my website once I have more time. Keep checking back for the latest images and you can see my works on

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Michael Daniel Ho said...

This is a great deal on an excellent APS-C camera. Just think, I paid $1,799 on Day One. In fact, I paid $6,799 for the EOS-1DX on Day One as well and now the list price is $5,299 and one can buy it on eBay for about $4,000. The Mark II replacement is coming soon.

That's the price one pays to get one's hands on the latest gear and put them through field tests and write about it.