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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

More Info On Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Camera

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II camera

The current EOS-1D X camera has been my pick as the best full frame DSLR camera for sports and wildlife photography three years in a row. According to the latest information I have received, the long awaited EOS-1D X Mark II model will MOST probably be equipped with 4K video. That indicates to me Canon feels Nikon will definitely include 4K video in their soon to be announced D5 camera.

If Canon decides to include this feature, I feel it may be a mistake because it can distract from the raison d'etre of the camera, namely to be the best DSLR camera on the market for still photography. Canon should not be pressured to add this feature just because Nikon feels it must match the Sony A7R II's features.

Canon already experimented with the EOS-1D C camera, basically an EOS-1D X body, combined with enhanced video capabilities. The camera met with very limited success, especially when there are camcorders like the CinemaEOS C300 Mk II that can do a much better job at shooting videos. Canon marked down the price of the EOS-1D C and I expect them to discontinue this model some time in 2016.

You know the time for the replacement camera is near. I have seen new EOS-1D X selling for just a little over $4,000 on eBay and rumored specs are coming out of the wood works. The Autumn Silly Season has begun. Some even claim the new camera will come with WiFi and GPS, 61 AF points with all crosstype and f/8, plus even touch screen LCD.

One should pay little attention to wish lists and wild guesses. Canon is doing a great job plugging most of the leaks for this eagerly awaited camera. It will be almost 4 years since the EOS-1D X was announced. My best estimate is the EOS-1D X Mark II will come with a new sensor in the low 20MP range, powered by new Digic 6+ processors and additional processor(s) for metering and other functions. A new AF system and frame rates matching the current model but perhaps without mirror lockup and a state of the art LCD monitor. Oh yes, 'sadly and most probably', with 4K video capability.

My expectation is for Nikon to release their D5 camera first, followed by Canon. The announcement may come in Q1 2016, with delivery commencing late Q1 to Q2 of 2016. If Canon keeps to this time frame for the EOS-1D X II announcement, I would expect the EOS-5D Mk IV release to be a Q2 to Q3, 2016 event. Keep checking back for the latest news and developments.  

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