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Friday, April 1, 2016

Wildlife Photography - India Tiger Photo Tour

I am off to India for a wildlife photo shoot. Will be visiting a few national parks and Tiger reserves and doing some travel photography as well. Modes of transportation include jeeps and elephants looking for Tigers, other wildlife and birds plus trying to locate Gharials, a fish eating crocodile native to the Indian sub-continent. This will add more variety to a strictly tiger photo shoot in Incredible India. 

India is the largest democracy, second most populous country in the world and possesses a rich history spanning thousands of years. All travelers will have some opinions (either way) about this country and few visitors can be unaffected after their trip. The country has a chaotic and creative blend of cultures, religions, races and tongues. One's senses are constantly 'bombarded' by fascinating sights, sounds and colors. It is a window into our planet and humanity. 

This time I will be traveling light. Bringing my Canon EOS-7D Mk II , EOS-5Ds , EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS , EF 400mm f/4 DO IS II and EF 16-35mm f/2.8L lenses. Too bad I will not have the EOS-1D X Mark II camera with me. The delivery should start late this month. My readers know I have chosen its predecessor, the EOS-1D X as the best wildlife camera, four years in a row. You can see my equipment bag here.

My Indian guide has been getting good Bengal tiger sightings with cubs in various national parks in the last few months. I look forward to viewing and photographing these magnificent animals in the wild and get more information on the fight against poachers and smugglers from the National Tiger Conservation Authority. It will be difficult for me to keep in touch because there are few Internet access in the jungles and countryside but I will do my best. Have to wait till I return in mid April to reconnect and write my blog again.

In the meantime, you can see more of my works on and photos from previous trips to India and around the globe. Wish me luck on my trip. My India tour last year was just average. I need a break to get some spectacular sightings and encounters this time.


Michael Daniel Ho said...

Off to India this weekend. Won't be able to update my blog since WiFi signal is hard to find in the jungle. May be able to post now and then. Wish me luck.

Michael Daniel Ho said...

Back from my trip to India. Rather successful one this time. Witnessed two tiger kills from beginning to end on two separate species of deer plus mating elephants and monkeys. Check out my Facebook and Twitter posts for details.