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Friday, July 1, 2016

Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark II $11,999 / C100 Mark II $3,999

Canon EOS Cinema C100 Mark II camcorder

Canon announced the C300 Mk II in April of 2015. The C300 Mk II camcorder is a professional camcorder with 4K video capability. Below are two comprehensive video look of the camera. The list price is $15,999 but now one can buy the camera for $11,999, a $4,000 discount. The EOS Cinema C100 Mark II is now selling for $3,999, a $1,500 discount from the list price of $5,499. Check with your Canon dealer and save. 

Larry Thorpe, Senior Fellow from the Professional Engineering & Solutions Division of Canon USA, has put out a series of detailed white papers on the EOS C300 Mk II. It will be most useful for those planning to buy or use this camcorder in the very near future. Click on the papers below to down them in PDF format.

The new camera is intended to significantly extend the overall image performance of HD beyond that of the C300 while further supporting the alternative 2K cinema format. A 15-stop dynamic range is provided by a new photodiode design that simultaneously lowers the noise floor while elevating the saturation level – offering excellent HDR functionality and much more.

The new C300 Mark II camcorder offers significantly elevated video performance and expanded operational capabilities. Unlike its predecessor, the C300 Mark II offers a choice of 2K or HD. Most important, it greatly extends on-board recording capabilities by deploying a new codec based upon the more advanced MPEG-4 H.264 Advanced Video Coding (AVC) compression algorithm.

From the extraordinary diversity of productions done with a large body of C300 camcorders around the globe for the ensuing four years a great deal of commentary and suggestions based upon those shooting experiences were gathered, the new EOS C300 Mark II embodies many of these suggestions while also incorporating innovative enhancements to both imaging and recording capabilities. On-set systemization has been greatly enhanced by a coordinated design with a new on-set 4K reference display.

A 4K lens must anticipated a wide range of productions – including theatrical motion pictures, major television dramas and episodics, commercials, and a diverse range of non-entertainment origination. So what are the performance parameters that collectively define 4K optical performance? The following paper will enumerate these parameters and discuss user expectations.

The newer generation of Cinema EOS lenses came from multiple optical design resources within Canon, such as our EF Lens and Broadcast Lens designs.

A design goal with the Cinema zoom lenses was to achieve an overall optical performance that would equate with the best of contemporary prime lenses over their respective focal lengths. Learn more about how these Cinema zoom lenses maintain their sharpness in a close-up or while zoomed out.

The new generation of Canon Cinema lenses paid high attention to optimizing color reproduction of the lens-camera system, such as how it reproduces skin tones of various ethnicities.

The advent of 4K cinema brings about changes to cameras, lenses, post-production and the home viewing experience. Explore each implication in-depth and see what this digital image format offers.

More of a handy reference PDF than a technical White Paper, this practical guide offers straightforward tips, how-to, and best practices for preparing the EOS C300 for shooting.

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