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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Canon EOS-1D C Camera - $3,899 with Free Shipping

Canon Cinema EOS-1D C full frame camera 

My readers are aware that I have picked the Canon EOS-1D X as the best full frame professional camera for sports and wildlife photography four years in a row. Since earlier this year, I have moved on to the EOS-1D X Mark II but the original Series I body is still a very good camera.

For those devoted photographers and cinematographers who are determined to get a fine EOS-1D body with many advanced features and save a little money, you can consider the EOS-1D C, Canon's hybrid DSLR with 4K motion imaging and full HD 1080p recording at 60 fps on CF cards. It also shoots up to 14 fps as a still camera and comes in a rugged, magnesium alloy body. It uses the EF-mount lenses and opens up new still and cinematic opportunities for photographers and videographers.

There is a highly-rated company selling the Canon EOS-1D C camera for $3,999 with free expedited shipping. The regular price is $7,999. If you are interested in buying one, don't delay too much longer.

You will not find a link to this item because I do not accept any advertisement or commissioned link on my Blog or website and do not solicit your email address for future spamming. I am completely unbiased in my reporting, have no conflict of interest and do not endorse any particular company. Find this listing on Google yourself easily.  You can see my equipment bagupcoming wildlife photo tours and works on

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