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Friday, December 9, 2016

Canon Refurbished Camera Equipment On Sale

The Canon Store has put many of their refurbished equipment on sale for the holiday season. The upside is almost everything in their current lineup is included. The downside is the professional equipment are snatched up very quickly.

If you are uncomfortable in buying refurbished or used camera gear, read my earlier post on this subject and be informed. By the way, for my readers in the UK, Canon is offering a BG-E11 or BG-E16 grip for one extra Pound if you buy the EOS-5D Mark III or EOS-7D Mark II camera. You can save a few hundred quid right there.

You will not find a link to the Canon Store because I do not accept any advertisement or commissioned link on my Blog or website and do not solicit your email address for future spamming. I am completely unbiased in my reporting, have no conflict of interest and do not endorse any particular company. Find the Store on Google yourself easily.  You can see my equipment bagupcoming wildlife photo tours and works on

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