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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Canon EOS-6D Mark II Will Be A Full Frame DSLR, Not Mirrorless

Canon EOS-6D Mark II full frame DSLR camera?

Recently, Canon rumors on the Internet suggested the long awaited Canon EOS-6D Mark II camera may instead be replaced by a full frame mirrorless model. I can tell you with a good degree of certainty that will not be the case.

Canon has plans for a higher end, mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor. Their crown jewel, a professional mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor and use the EF mount is on its way. Canon has been planning this for a long time now. To, at the very least challenge Sony in their dominance of the higher end, full frame mirrorless space and perhaps dethrone them all together.

You can read my earlier post on Canon's roadmap for 2017 and beyond. New Powershot cameras are expected very soon. Keep checking back for the latest development. 

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