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Monday, June 26, 2017

DIRE Studio Latest Shutter Counter Software Supports Latest Canon Cameras

Dire Studios have updated ShutterCount to version 3.0. The new version can read the latest Canon cameras' shutter actuations, including live view and video shots.

From Dire Studios :

"Most Canon cameras released since 2015 (such as the 1D X Mark II, 5D Mark IV, 5DS R, 80D) provide more details on shutter usage: photos taken using the viewfinder and via live view are counted separately, as do live view sessions (the latter includes live view activations for movie recording)."

Personally, I find this Shutter Count fascination to be nothing more than an academic curiosity. For professional grade cameras like the EOS-1D Mark IV or EOS-1D X (Mark I and II)  cameras, their shutters are rated conservatively at 300,000 and 400,000 actuation, respectively.

Many photographers, including myself, have multiple bodies anyway and the chance of any one of the pro bodies racking up 300 to 400K actuations is small because I would have upgraded to a newer model anyway. However, I know a friend who owns the EOS-1D Mark IV and is still using the original shutter after raking up half a million actuations. Besides, getting a new shutter is not that expensive anyway.

For the EOS-5D and EOS-7D series, they are rated at 150,000 actuations but I expect them to last well over 250,000 with proper maintenance and care.

ShutterCount is certified to work with all of the cameras listed below, using their latest firmware revision. It is available in both Windows and macOS version.

  • Canon EOS-1D Mark IV*
  • Canon EOS-1D C*
  • Canon EOS-1D X*
  • Canon EOS-1D X Mark II (macOS only)
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (macOS only)
  • Canon EOS 5DS (macOS only)
  • Canon EOS 5DS R (macOS only)
  • Canon EOS 6D
  • Canon EOS 7D*
  • Canon EOS 7D Mark II
  • Canon EOS 40D*
  • Canon EOS 50D*
  • Canon EOS 60D*
  • Canon EOS 70D
  • Canon EOS 77D / 9000D (macOS only)
  • Canon EOS 80D (macOS only)
  • Canon EOS 100D / Rebel SL1 / Kiss X7
  • Canon EOS 450D / Rebel XSi / Kiss X2*
  • Canon EOS 500D / Rebel T1i / Kiss X3*
  • Canon EOS 550D / Rebel T2i / Kiss X4*
  • Canon EOS 600D / Rebel T3i / Kiss X5*
  • Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i / Kiss X6i*
  • Canon EOS 700D / Rebel T5i / Kiss X7i*
  • Canon EOS 750D / Rebel T6i / Kiss X8i (macOS only)
  • Canon EOS 760D / Rebel T6s / 8000D (macOS only)
  • Canon EOS 800D / Rebel T7i / Kiss X9i (macOS only)
  • Canon EOS 1000D / Rebel XS / Kiss F*
  • Canon EOS 1100D / Rebel T3 / Kiss X50*
  • Canon EOS 1200D / Rebel T5 / Kiss X70
  • Canon EOS 1300D / Rebel T6 / Kiss X80*

* Live view actuation counters are NOT available in the Live View Pack for these cameras.

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