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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Disappointing Results From Sony A9 Camera Test With Canon Super Telephoto Lens

My readers know me as The Wildlife Ho-tographer and I am not a fan of mirrorless cameras. Some photographers are sold on Sony's line of full frame mirrorless cameras, like the A7 and A9 series. They claim it will drive 'dinosaurs' like the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and Nikon D5 cameras into extinction soon.

I pay no attention to such claims but I do know the recent release of the Sony A9 has kicked Canon's plans into higher gear and they are contemplating the release of their high end, full frame mirrorless camera with EF mount some time in 2018.  When that happens, I will evaluate the Canon camera carefully and if it meets my needs, I will then buy my first mirrorless body.

When a serious photographer commits to a camera brand, it's more than just owning the camera body or bodies. There's the full complement of lenses, a professional worldwide sales, maintenance and customer support network to back the equipment and assist the photographer.

Below is a video showing how the Sony A9 camera is not ready for professional prime time sports or wildlife photography, despite all the 'jaw-dropping' specs on paper. You can follow my travels on Facebook and Twitter. See my equipment bag and works on

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