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Monday, July 2, 2012

Canon EOS-1D X availability in North America

I have just spoken to my Camera Store and they informed me there is a good chance there will be a shipment of the Canon EOS-1D X cameras coming in some time this week or next week. They cannot guarantee anything but all indications are the ship from Japan has already arrived and the boxes are on their way to various distributors as you read this post.

Can't wait because I have a big Alaskan photo shoot coming up in a little over two weeks and I plan to put the EOS-1D X through some real world tests and see how it performs against the EOS-1D MK IV and the EOS-7D cameras.  Visit my website to see Travel and Wildlife photos taken with both of those cameras and bookmark my Blog to stay up with the latest news and development.

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Michael Daniel Ho said...

You are welcome. I have been talking to friends across North America. They are beginning to see the Canon EOS-1D X camera trickling into various camera stores across the US and Canada. A good sign the supply is increasing.