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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Canon EOS-1D X camera 'annoyances'

The Canon EOS-1D X is a remarkable camera but it does have some annoying features that Canon should look at and try and correct with the next Firmware update, in my opinion.  First, it does not AF with apertures smaller than f/5.6.  This is particularly annoying to me because I usually travel light when on photo shoots and rarely bring big tripods or faster and longer, 'Big White' lens like the EF 400mm f/2.8L IS and 500mm f/4L IS. Being a full framed camera and adding the Canon 1.4X III extender only provides me with a focal length of 560mm when I shoot birds handheld with my EF 400mm f/4L DO lens.  As any bird photographer will tell you, one can never get enough focal length.  That's why I always bring the Canon EOS-1D MK IV with me as well because it can AF down to f/8.

The second annoyance is less of a problem but still needs fixing.  The AF points on the EOS-1D X is black. The only EOS-1 series camera in recent years with that.  Fortunately, it is similar to the EOS-7D's AF points. When the 7D first came out, I had a tough time adjusting to its black AF points but now I have acclimated myself to its peculiarity and so the 1D X AF points are 'bearable'.  Friends of mine have differing opinions on these annoyances but changes to the top of the line camera should be gain acceptance quickly and these two features are not very well received.

I have now received my EOS-1D X camera and have put it through a rigorous, real world photo shoot in Alaska and Canada. Click here to read my review of the camera and visit my website to see many exciting wildlife shots taken with the new gear.


ItsWhatIClick said...

Strange, not sure why you mentioned the 7D, it turns red when in focus. This is the camera I use and I mostly shoot events in very low light and the focal points, when in all or single point, turns red when in focus.

Michael Daniel Ho said...

Strange indeed. I have never come across an EOS-7D camera with a red lit AF points. Are you perhaps referring to the red AF points while viewing an image?

Unknown said...

I have to agree with itswhaticlick. On my 7D, C.Fn III, #8 (VF display Illumination) set to 1 (enable) makes the AF points glow red (they are black if static) whenever any action is taken - such as moving the AF point (glows red), focusing the AF point (yup, again, red) or resetting the AF point (pushing 'in' on the rear stick). If set to auto, the illumination only happens when you are focused on a dark subject, thus allowing the user to see. I believe the default is off, which means the AF points are always black.