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Monday, July 9, 2012

Canon EOS-5D MK II body price reduction

The Canon EOS-5D MK II camera body has been reduced in price by $120, down to $2,079 by a few retailers and one can buy a Canon factory refurbished EOS-5D MK II for $1,760.  The refurbished camera body is usually indistinguishable from new ones and comes with a 90 day Canon warranty.  I have bought refurbished equipment from Canon before and have been satisfied with the quality of their merchandise.

The EOS-5D MK II is still a very good camera and for those who don't need the features and functionality upgrade offered by the EOS-5D MK III, this is a great opportunity to save big money.  Visit my website to see worldwide Travel photos taken with the EOS-5D bodies.

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