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Monday, July 16, 2012

Canon's Next Full Frame Camera

Remember a few posts ago, I mentioned there will be a few more new cameras from Canon before the year is up? It appears they may introduce an entry level, full frame DSLR to round out their entire line soon.

The new camera will be smaller and lighter than the EOS-5D MK II and have a pop-up flash and may have the following specs :

* 22 MP (similar to the sensor in EOS-5D MK III)
* 19 AF Points (similar to EOS-7D)
* 5 fps burst rate
* ISO 100-51200 (extended range)
* 3 inch LCD screen

The announcement of the camera may be accompanied by a few non "L" lenses and its price will be aggressive, perhaps just below $2,000.  This may be Canon's strategy of reigniting the full frame DSLR 'craze' by stimulating another wave of demand for full frame cameras much like they did in 2005 when they first introduced the EOS-5D line.  At the time, the only full frame camera in their lineup was the professional grade, EOS-1Ds MK II and the price was very high.

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