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Friday, September 27, 2013

Adobe Lightroom 5 And Canon DSLR Cameras

Lightroom is a software application made by Adobe that allows photographers to manage their pictures and videos, as well as providing an elegant way to edit them to create beautiful, finished photographs and maybe a little bit of video. Lightroom exists because it solves a very basic problem: to provide an imaging solution for photographers that would support the natural workflow from start to finish, but with elegance and simplicity.

The other side of the problem is that any solution must support RAW files, as well as a way to not damage the picture, but also provide a way to be creative and an ability to create beautiful images. Lightroom was designed in this way, with the photographer in mind, and since then has grown in features to support new requirements, including the management and simple development of videos from cameras and phones.

Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom 5 photo editing software now comes bundled with several of Canon’s EOS DSLR cameras, including the EOS-70D, EOS-7D and EOS-5D Mark III. In a four-part series of articles and video tutorials Richard Curtis (Prinicipal Solutions Consultant - Digital Imaging, Adobe UK) will explain the key features of Lightroom 5 to give you a good grounding and understanding of how to get the most out of working with the software. Click here to read the entire article on Canon Professional Network's website.

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